Whether you're a Songwriter, Beginner, or you just want to have More Fun playing your favorite Classic Radio Songs, Denny breaks down the techniques of top Singer-Songwriters and Session Musicians into simple Licks, Tricks, and Grooves that will enhance your writing, playing, and performing skills and Make Your Guitar Sound Like A Whole Band! 

Available for Individual and On Line Lessons, Group and In-Store Workshops. 



Denny has worked as a Song Consultant, Mentor, and Clinician for organizations like Nashville Songwriter's Assoc. Int'l. Decades of song evaluations and tutoring aspiring writers helped him develop his, "SONGWRITING IN 3-D" Method. Based on his concept, "A Song should be a BOOKMARK in the MEMORY BANK of the LISTENER", he'll show you how to bridge that gap by writing on a deeper Visual, Emotional, and Psychological level that will breathe new life into your images, stories, and characters.   

 Services include Song Evaluations, Lessons, and Workshops.



Your Guitar should be more than a backup instrument - It should be your CO-WRITER - inspiring new Melodies, Rhythms,  and Chord Combinations.  Learn the Pro Tips and Tricks that will Supercharge your playing, writing, and performing skills. 

Topics include: Classic Chord & Rhythm Combinations, Moving Bass Lines, Chet Atkins Fingerstyle, Power Chords, the "Rosetta Stone" of Maj./min. Chords, "Sexy" Scales, Capo Magic, Open Tunings, Chord Shape-Shifting, and MORE!



Learn how to apply the simple talking points in the "3-D METHOD" to breathe new life, depth, and realism into your songs.

Topics include: Rhymes & Reasons, Honey Words, Common Senses, The 3-Minute Movie, Word Clustering, Show & Telling, and MORE!



An all-day event featuring Guitar and Songwriting Workshops, Group Song Critiques, Networking Party, and Open Mic Concert.


       For Booking Workshops or Private Lessons Contact: 

"The NASHVILLE SONGWRITER'S ROAD SHOW" at Sweetwater World Headquarters

"LICK*TIONARY - The Songwriter's Guide To GREAT Guitar!" DVD. Over 200 Cool Tricks & Great Grooves to SUPERCHARGE Your Writing, Playing, & Performing Skills

Comes w/ Free 22pg Workbook